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Family & couple counselling service is available to any couple, family, young children and teenagers those are struggling with relationship conflicts and having difficulty in coping with family issues or relationship issues. If you are struggling with family/relationship problems and you want to resolve the conflict but you are unable to do and seeking someone’s guidance to resolve the problems related to family and relationships. Do not hesitate to visit FCCS at Sharda University. Our Expert counsellors will help you to understand and resolve the conflicts that couples and families are having with each other and affecting their constructive functionality of day-to-day life, mental health, wellbeing, and quality of life. FCCS will provide the therapeutic solutions to people, couples and families who are in need.

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To connect with the community and to serve people by counselling services. The FCCS is open to couples, families, couples with their young children and teenagers.


i) Positively shaping our communities through helping couples & families thrive.
ii) Aid in the emotional and psychological development of family and couple in the community for the purpose of enhancing unity and decrease the divorce rate and their mental health problems.

iii) Encouraging and motivating people/clients to become lifelong happy and compassionate with your family and partner.